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Practicum Placements

In order to become a Professional Member of the Alberta Therapeutic Recreation Association (ATRA), after May 1, 2011 all new graduates are required to complete a minimum of 320 hours within a Therapeutic Recreation practicum/internship. A minimum of 250 hours of this placement must have a clinical component and be completed under the supervision of a Recreation Therapist who is registered with their provincial association. To be considered a clinical placement the student’s role must include conducting clinical activities (i.e. assessment, treatment interventions etc.) while maintaining a client caseload at a clinical placement site. A clinical placement site is a broad term that includes, but is not limited to, Long Term Care, assisted living, rehab, and/or acute care facilities or under the direction of a private Recreation Therapist.

If you graduated after May 1, 2011, the following document “ATRA New Graduate Hours of Recreation Therapy Clinical Internship/Practicum Reporting Form" must be completed by your practicum/internship supervisor and sent with your application for professional membership. 

New Graduate Hours of Recreation Therapy Clinical Internship/Practicum Reporting Form

Internships/Practicums Within Alberta Health Services 

Important Notice

Students are responsible to confirm their preceptor/supervisor's professional membership status. Click here to go to our Professional Registration look-up feature where you can type in your potential preceptor/supervisor's name to confirm that their registration is up to date.

If your potential preceptor/supervisor's name does not show up, please email our office for an additional check as it may be an issue of spelling or a hypenated last name.