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Benefits of Hiring a Recreation Therapist

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Benefits of Hiring a Recreation Therapist

The employment of a registered Alberta Therapeutic Recreation Association (ATRA) member enhances the consumer’s receipt of professionally delivered recreation therapy. The ATRA member is well trained to significantly contribute to the therapeutic delivery system. It is well documented that ATRA members increase the effectiveness and efficiency of routine care in comparison to noncertified individuals, through ATRA’s Standards of Practice.

Professional credentials and training are the benchmark of quality that ATRA members have achieved and are able to provide value-added services that include:

  • Extensive knowledge and skill-based training to enhance quality of care
  • Organized and team-oriented approach to care delivery
  • Multi-functional and diversified skill base to reach a wider spectrum of consumers
  • Training in group-oriented processes to enhance cost effectiveness and efficiencies in service delivery
  • Ability to handle greater professional responsibilities and authority
  • Maintain Code of Ethic and Confidentiality
  • Training and demonstrated abilities in core therapy skills including assessment, planning, implementation, documentation and evaluation
  • Utilize various interventions to improve physical, cognitive, emotional and social function of individuals, serving to facilitate one’s independence in life activities
  • Minimize health-care costs by empowering individuals to build healthier lives through meaningful leisure activities and encouraging community reintegration