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Categories & Criteria

Membership Categories & Fees

Registered Professional - $300.00     Applicant must have a degree or diploma in recreation therapy, therapeutic recreation or recreation and leisure studies from a nationally or internationally accredited post-secondary institution which contains a specific set of course work as outlined in the document linked below.                                    

            ***Please note the following criteria change***                      

In January 2017, ATRA Membership voted to advance the profession by transitioning to degree as entry to practice.   

After April 2021, NEW applicants for Professional Membership will be required to have a degree whose title includes ‘recreation therapy’, ‘therapeutic recreation’ or ‘recreation and leisure studies’. The degree obtained must still meet the current course content and practicum requirements. Diplomas will no longer be eligible for ATRA Professional Membership. For questions related to this change, please contact ATRA’s Education Director,   

All Professional Members must fulfill yearly Continuing Education Units. The current requirement is 15 Continuing Education Units per year.

    1. Student Membership - $50.00     Applicant must be a student who is enrolled in a degree or diploma program in Therapeutic Recreation, Recreation or related fields.

      NOTE: Student membership does not automatically guarantee professional membership upon graduation. Student members will be required to meet all professional membership criteria in effect at the time of application for professional membership.

    2. Associate Membership - $50.00 Applicant must be either a retired professional member or live outside of the province of Alberta.

CTRA Membership Additional Fee: 75.00 for Professionals / 25.00 for Students

If you wish to also become a member in the Canadian Therapeutic Recreation Association, the additional fee can be added to your ATRA membership fee. We will remit the fees on your behalf and you will receive a separate membership package from CTRA. Please note, if you live in Alberta, you must be an ATRA member in order to have membership in the national association.


NOTE: New members who join after October 31 of each year will pay half the yearly fee.