NOTICE of Delay

ATRA’s Online Membership Management System (MMS)

Unexpected delays in the design and launch of ATRA’s Member Management System will impact 2018 Applications and Membership Renewal.

Please refer to "Renewal Dates" located on the side bar for more information.

We appreciate your flexibility and understanding as we tackle this unforeseen delay.

We fully anticipate our MMS will be the robust system we envisioned for our association. Thanks for your ongoing support of our professional association. It is greatly appreciated.

What will I tell my employer?

Delays at ATRA’s end need not make your life more complicated. ATRA has prepared a letter to your employer explaining the delay.

Download the ATRA Employer Letter  to provide a copy for your employer. Your employer can find the same information in the Employer Section of ATRA’s website.

Will the 2018 delay impact my  “Grandfather” membership status?

Many ATRA members exercise their right to retain membership with ATRA through the Grandfather Clause. If this applies to you, you are at no risk of missing the renewal or losing your grandfather status due to delays.

What does this mean for my CTRA membership?

ATRA members will be able to renew both their ATRA and CTRA membership without penalty when ATRA’s online renewal program opens.

- OR -

ATRA members can choose to renew their CTRA membership through the CTRA online membership renewal process. Your joint membership status with ATRA and CTRA will remain intact allowing you ongoing member benefits with both associations.